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  1. Welcome to SlimeTech! The Awesome 24/7 Tekkit Server! (Slimes Included) IP: Rules: 1: Don't greifing or stealing, no one likes griefers 2: Be respectful to Admins, Mods, and other players 3: Do not whine for Admin or Mod, if you do you will be kicked 4: WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR MODS!!! 5: Have fun! Admins: zytron11, AHACT, Bttfan/Kidminecrafter, NoobSlayer875 Moderators: bseal90 Banned Items: IC2: Mining Lazer, Nuke, Industrial TNT EE: Ring of Ignition, Zero Ring, Harvest Band, Archangel Smite, Void Ring, Black Hole Band, Watch of Flowing Time, Mercurial Eye, Destruction Catalyst, Hyperkintic Lens, Catalytic Lens, Red Matter Tools & Armor Server Plugins: AntiCreeper, Towny, Big Bother, Essentials, LWC, Group Manger, Buycraft [Coming Soon ] Other Stuff You Might Want to Know!: We basically are a fun, kind Tekkit community that likes Fun and Cheese-its! We go by the Old Saying "Treat Others the way you want to be treated!" All we want to just want to have a good old fun time! Extra Note: The Owner of the Server is zytron11 (Zack), I am just the representative of Slime Tech. If anyone has experience with adding Tekkit items to lwc, contact Zack through Skype (zytron11). Screenshots: COMING SOOOOOON!