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  1. Ok the next update to the map is now up so feel free to download the latest version
  2. Working on Eos Adventure

  3. I will be putting the newest version on here with all the fixes and everything
  4. Yes the pressure plate was supposed to spawn monsters but i messed it up when i was in the ship working with redstone for other stuff
  5. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?rg7t6ru58wf3yg5 theindiandood is now helping me with this map so make sure you say thanks to him to I have been working on a map for about a day. and i would like some people to try it out and see if they like it and if you do contact me and i will continue making it but for now im not until i get some feedback
  6. Re: Technic For Beginners Yes i Could put this on a server
  7. I have been making a map for about two hours so far. To help new people with technic. Because there are alot of mods installed and some people have trouble under standing them so im making this to help Nuclear Reactor- http://imgur.com/JULHl First Room - http://imgur.com/QZ77x The Build Behind the Wall - http://imgur.com/PWU7H Second Room - http://imgur.com/31gkc The Build For Second Room - http://imgur.com/Hy5zt First Download - http://www.mediafire.com/?ebqbb56zh2dsbcb Not Close To Being Done If you would like to help tell me your.... Skype- What your good with- IGN-
  8. IRL Name(So I can talk to you properly):Justin IGN Name (So I can add you to the white-list):XxSTOCKWELLxX What parts of tekkit are you are good at:Industrial Craft Build Craft,Good with RedStone and manyother things Skype Name:XxSTOCKWELLxX or find by email [email protected] Can you host a server without hamachi(optional)?Yes i can i have hosted a server again Internet Speed: 35mbs Computer Specs: 8GB Ram, processor: AMD fx 6 core
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