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  1. Hello. I'm probably (probably.) in the wrong area for this kind of thing,but more or less me just introducing myself to the forums. I'm Hank (Yes,i'm a fan of Madness! ) and i'm primarily a player of Tekkit Lite (I cant let go of IC2 and Redpower,sorry.) and i find myself knowing a fair bit about it although i dont know EVERYTHING. I like helping people and that's part of the reason i joined the forums, to provide support wherever and whenever i can. Thanks. Pleasure meeting you all. *Shot*
  2. If it's a unique occurance and nowhere near anything important, get a nuke and nuke the landmass where they are. If you cant do that,keep running until they despawn. If you cant actually do anything in half-way decent time,try reloading the world (Exit and rejoin the map) and do what you need to before everything loads. Also,try reducing rendering range and setting everything to the minimum to help increase framerate until the issue is dealt with. Good luck.
  3. Have you tried re-obtaining/downloading the server files,and how are you loading the server? Are you using launch.bat or the minecraft.jar?
  4. Ha,i've seen and done this before. The best way to do it,in my opinion,would be throwing it into a MFSU directly,not a charging bench or a solar panels. It will use up all the EU in the MFSU,for the power tool atleast (And by this i mean to say that it will use all EU needed for charging instantly,sorry if that wasnt clear.), and seems to be capable of charging the armor itself a bit faster than anything else. Sorry if i wasnt much help,but that's my experience. Good luck with it.
  5. Hello. I would say, have you tried restarting your system after reinstalling Java, and what version of Java did you reinstall? 6 or 7? Another question i have is: how did you 'update' your Tekkit Lite?
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