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  1. We're very safe, we can assure you. You've been whitelisted! You've been rewhitelisted. Sometimes we mess up. Our bad.
  2. You also broke blocks in my house. You opened the door FIRST, and the broke glass blocks to get out. There is a door for a reason, my windows are not an exit route. This is also where you do not appeal bans. http://orphicraft.net/?forum=ban-appeals
  3. Minecraft Username: illwaitforever1 Age: 19 Have you ever been banned, if so, why?: Nope. What do you plan to do on the server: Be awesome, build stuff, kick butt. What is your previous experience with tekkit: I saved the world. Now let me in! :D
  4. Not for machines, you have to donate to use things like Dark and Red Matter tools however, as a griefing precaution. All added. :)
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