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  1. IGN: Hirazrador Age: 21 Location: Groton, CT, USA Ban History: Nope Tekkit Expirence: A little more than a year now, still not as good with Galacticraft. Goals: Me and my Friend SUPTONATOR (his IGN is realy caps and crypton135 wish to start a space company; Orbital Technologies Enterprises. My friends dont have forums accounts. Is there any chance this can be thier apps too?
  2. In-game name: Hirazrador Age: 21 Time spent playing modded Minecraft: 2 years Reason I want to join: Me and my friends crypton135 and SUPTONATER want to record a tekkit galacticraft series. This seems like an amazing server so we picked it. (btw there internet isnt working right now, can you please white list them too if you accept me) Thanks for considering, Hirazrador
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