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  1. Where can I find texture packs that are compatible with the latest Tekkit build? I thought they would be listed here, but I only see some for other versions (Hexxit, etc). Thank you!
  2. When I break the stirling engines they just disappear. I tried once with a wrench, once with a pick, and once with fist. All broke... and gone. Is this abnormal?
  3. How do you move an engine once it has been placed and operating? I powered a quarry with four stirling engines. Now that it has mined down to the bedrock I would like to re-position the quarry and engines. How do I move the different pieces without breaking them?
  4. I'm on creative. The part that is covered and uncovered by the moving/sliding part of the engine is red. In the videos it says the colors are blue/green/yellow/orange/red (then explode). These started out red.
  5. Water did the trick. Thanks again! The pumps are red. Is that normal?
  6. I will try it. They have never been on, though. Not even for a second. Also, how do I add water?
  7. Thank you all for responding. No, I have not been using water. I tried to add water using a bucket just now, and I cannot seem to figure out how to do it. Here is a better look at the set up. And here is what I see when I click on one of the steam engines.
  8. I believe I have it set up correctly. I have entered /op [buildCraft] into chat and it replied "opped [buildCraft]. I am using the latest version of Tekkit, and I have added no additional mods. I started a new world in creative mode. I am not playing on a server. I connect the quarry to two steam engines. I put coal in both engines. I have tried using redstone and a switch, only a switch (right next to quarry), and redstone torches. Nothing works. I used redstone because I could not find the "red insulated wire" in the creative menu. The "red pipe wire" I could find would not place on the ground. Here is the picture -- Any advice?