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  1. Yes this what I thought also, but I wanted a confirmation
  2. Hey there again, I'm beginning to look a little bit stupid with all my problems, but this is a quite important one. I'm pretty far into the game as to the level that I have pretty much every ore found. I now have 2 stacks of copper, but I still haven't found 1 single tin ore. I'm beginning to get the feeling there is something wrong with the tin ore spawning. Or is there something else going on? THANKS!
  3. Oooh awesome, it is fixed now!! THANK YOU THOUSAND TIMES!
  4. I tried it and my world is working again! One last question though. Does anyone know how to manually set the quests to complete as I do not have a particular big urge to manually complete them all over again.
  5. Oh okay thank you very much! I'm going to try this tomorrow. Does this also mean i lose the items in my inventory though? But anyways thanks, helps me out very much i think
  6. If you mean the mob that is in the first chamber from the top in the obsidian tower. Yes I'm sorry to say he does Can't recall what it was, but pretty sure that it was a bunch of armor which I really don't use.
  7. Hey there, I've been playing blightfall for a couple of weeks now and I have a pretty nice base build. However, when I tried loading my world recently it just showed ''loading world'' and then crashed. I created another world to test if it was a general crash, but it turns out to be specific to that particular world. I have no idea what the crash report says so please can somebody help me? I find it very sad if all my progress is lost. Thank you!! crash-2015-12-16_21.30.35-server.txt
  8. Hey guys, i have a problem. I got my fission reactor setup and running, but if it gets above 1000 degrees the power stops. It keeps running but the power stops getting into my batterybox! I don't know how to fix it so I hope you do. PS: I use copper wire (since it's the only one out there) Thnx Bas
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