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  1. Oh my GOD that scared the hjell out of me ! Thanks for the heads up mate, let's keep ourselves updated :/
  2. Hello. I used to ("USED TO") have a modpack I spent countless hours working on. I logged in today to make an update. Says the page is error 404: I go to my dashboard: NO MODPACKS. Where the hell is it? Why did it get removed?! I didn't even get any norification. This better be a joke. Modpack link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/supra-modded-survival.810800 Thanks.
  3. It did it again, right?
  4. Hey guys and girls. So here's my problem. I've recently made a huge modpack I'm really proud of and published it on Technic. I started getting downloads (54 dls and 102 launches), though now, it seems like it's "stuck". The amount of DLs and launches stays the same (54 and 102) whatever I do (I've downloadedit and started it a few times to work on it). Hope you can tell me what's going on Thanks
  5. OFFICIAL TRAILER HERE Hey guys and girls ! Do you remember Ultra Modded Survival, that amazing modpack Amaxter made, according to CaptainSparklez's series on it? I do too, and I can tell you I miss it. But hey, in life, everything changes ! That's why UMS has to get a new start : I am proud to present Supra Modded Survival ! This new pack combines the old UMS Pack as well as 30+ more mods, and 200+ quests ! Dive into a netting of mods that range from technology, magic, exploration, rpg and much much more ! On top of that, you and your friends can play together : I made the server files available on this page, but fear not: new community servers will start to appear. Let's build new communities around what Amaxter has built ! We will soon be getting an official server, hosted by the amazing community FrozenSoul ! It is currently under development and will be ready sometime this week. Meanwhile, you could try to familiarize with our 120+ mods! http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/supra-modded-survival.810800
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