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  1. Yes of course the server is 24/7 I do rent a server from a host, the cap is currently at 5 people (Although I have accepted more than 5, I will consider raising the cap if it's going to be manage-able for me; however, I garantee there won't be more than 8 people. Right now we have 2 regulars excluding me, haven't seen the others yet.) Oh and welcome, you're accepted I will add you to the whitelist shortly and send you the connection info. P.S.: We are all dying a lot here lol, so don't be shy.
  2. Twiztedpenguin and ispackerslayer, you both are welcome to join us, I will whitelist you guys and send you the connection info in a short while! @jdtown Like I said in the post, be responsible, it's your job to search for your own ban records before you fill up the application, it's YOUR responsibilities to do so. Your post not only showed that you're being dishonest, but also irresponsible, sorry I just can't accept you like this.
  3. Since it seems that you're being honest, I can't really find any severe ban records that are worthy enough for me to keep you away from my server, I will welcome you to our little community with open hands. I hope you can get along with everyone in here! Connection info will be sent via PM.
  4. Welcome to our little server (Only me and you at the moment), I hope you enjoy your stay, connection info will be PM'd to you in no time!
  5. @jdtown Denied Reasons:http://www.obsidiancraft.com/forum/page/1/m/2184879/viewthread/3398974-jdtown/filter/most-replies You lied on your application, I'd have considered it if you filled the application in honesty. Sadly, you have proven yourself a dishonest person. Have a nice day.
  6. Hello, everyone! Are you guys ready for an ultimate Hexxit experience? Are the huge servers banning all the fun stuff in Hexxit and taking away most of the fun? Or you're a bit shy and prefer staying in a small group of people? If so, then this server is just for you! Read on! (Server is hosted in Seattle) (Difficulty: Hard) - We have very few banned items! (Banned for a very good reason) Ender Bow (Insta-Crash the server) All Capsule Stations (Mainly cause of it can break bedrocks and is a very powerful griefing tool, will be unbanned later on when I know it won't fall into wrong hands.) All mods are enabled. But indeed, a server with such a small banned item list requires a lot of co-operations from it's players. So to ensure we can keep this small banned item list from getting bigger, there of course will be some strictly enforced rules, after all freedom comes with responsibilities. If you violates these rules, you will instantly get permanently banned, no warnings, no exceptions, no excuses. (Even if your brother/sister violated the rules for you and get you banned, it's your responsibility to prevent such things from happening.) - The Rules 1.No Griefing (Insta-Ban) (Destroying other's creations is alright ONLY IF the creator say OK to do so.) 2.No Hacking (Insta-Ban) 3.No Cheating (Insta-Ban) 4.No exploiting bugs/glitches. (Insta-Ban)(Some bugs and glitches are fine, but if you are not sure if it will get you banned or not, DON'T DO IT!) 5.No Spamming (There's auto-ban plugin for this.) 6.No excessive use of foul languages(A.K.A.: F**k, Sh*t, B*t*h, A**ho**...etc etc.), using them are fine, but not too much and are not directed towards another player, please. I don't mind if you use these languages cause you died, insulting mobs through a monitor or when you failed hardcore, I just want to keep the server with a friendly environment. 7.PVP is fine, but only if the person you're pvping with are OK with it. 8.My words are law, no questioning. If you think something isn't right, don't risk doing it, as you may get permanently banned, depending on the harm done to the server. Now that we are clear on the rules, but that's not enough of course, there is as always have some requirements for a server like this. While age does not affect you're in or not, but you need the following requirements. - Requirements 1.Be mature, and take responsibilities for your action taken. In my opinion, maturity is a mindset, it does not have to come with age. 2.Be courteous 3.Be reasonable 4.Be responsible If you think you have got what it takes to join the server, please do fill out the application below, these applications will be reviewed carefully, applications with low-effort will not be considered. While good grammar (It helps though) in the application is not required (Since my English aren't that good as well, English isn't my primary language here.), but at least make it looks understandable. And thanks for reading this ridiculously long post, I am pretty sure you can make it if you have read this far. - Application Form (Please DO NOT make group application, if you want your friend to join, ask him to type up one Application him/her-self.) Application Status: CLOSED FOR NOW Your In-Game Name: Age (Does not affect your chances): In 5-7 sentences, describe yourself: What makes you a good addition to the server?: Any ban records?(depends on the ban reason and severity): If so, why were you banned? If there's something you really wanted to do, but you are not sure if it will get you banned or not, will you choose to do it or not to do it?: Your previous experiences with Hexxit or Minecraft before?(Does not affect your chances in any way): What are you good at?: What are you bad at?: Once you have filled out the application form properly, please post your application on here and wait patiently, I will review it as soon as possible and if you're accepted, I will put you on whitelist and give you the IP address to join. I am looking forward to see you soon! - About me and why I made this server So I will talk a little bit about myself, I am 20 years old, enthusiastic gamer. I play a lot of games other than just minecraft, and I like the idea of Hexxit; therefore, recently I have decided to host a Hexxit server, hoping to create a small community to play Hexxit with and without any restriction and/or limitations. I am a nice person, I don't bite, I smells good, so don't be shy and let's be friends!
  7. Lovely, thank you very much! Also if possible, I would like some general tips when managing a server.
  8. By any chances, you know any programs that can help generating chunks automatically rather than having me flying around to make chunks generate?
  9. So I am planning to rent a 5 slot Hexxit server, but I have no idea how much RAMs I should get in order to have Hexxit running smoothly, so...can someone give me some suggestions, please? I wonder would 1GB suffice?