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  1. We're going to start events very soon. Events will start happening either today, or sometime within the next few weeks. Come join and have fun inside them!
  2. ‚ÄčDon't diamond and iron big swords(not giant) do the same thing? Or am I confusing them with something else?
  3. That sounds kind of cool actually! Maybe they could make it so that the more rare and hard to mine an ore is, the more points its worth(for example, coal = 1 point, ardite = 5).
  4. Ore magnets are also pretty good, though not as efficient. I tried putting unbreaking on one but it didn't seem to have much of an effect. Darn, I just hope that I can easily find more, because it pretty much stops me from having to go caving.
  5. What can you do with Alkahests? Like I get the basic idea but I never understood why its so good. Can they really be used as a replacement for mining certain minerals altogether?
  6. ‚ÄčTechnically anything is huggable, doesn't exactly mean I would suggest to hug anything.
  7. Penguins are cool, but chickens are better. Chickens provide good food, eggs, and feathers, while the only good thing a penguin can give are some stupid feathers.
  8. The community is wonderful here too, whenever I ask a question, somebody else answers right away. Its especially helpful since I'm pretty much a noob at Tekkit Lite, meaning that I need all the help I can get.
  9. Bring a group? Bringing a group is for the weak! I can handle an infernal shelob of any kind using holy hand grenades.
  10. Thats nothing, I had to fight a red, sticky, invisible, webber, rust, ninja, explosions(and a few other things) shelob with stone weapons once. It did not end well. I never did get the spider hook from that thing. I might go back one of these days and try to fight it again, see how much better I've gotten.
  11. The pvp events will be great, from what I understand, it will be like a tourney of sorts. I'm not completely sure of all the details though, so don't quote me on that;
  12. How much RAM have you allocated to the technic pack? When you open the launcher, go to launcher options, and then java settings. Inside there you should be able to modify the amount of memory going into Hexxit, and all other technic packs. Increasing it to as much as possible will increase Hexxit performance by a lot. Also, what version of hexxit are you running? I know in the 2.0+ versions of hexxit, map writer is extremely laggy, and pressing n to turn it off increases my fps by around 20 at some points.
  13. This is an awesome server! They haven't started doing events yet unfortunately, but I believe that will be happening pretty soon. I can't wait for the pvp and pve ones, that's probably where I excel at the most.
  14. icyfire1


    There are so many things to do in hexxit! But going into faction wars in this server is definitely the best! The different ways to kill just make it fun, but the home harassing rule makes things good, so that people don't spawn kill you. Its the perfect balance!
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