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  1. A quick message to all before reading this thread, if you choose to turn this into a modpack or mention the idea to anyone my name must be mentioned as the original creator of this modpack. So hello guys, I am js39193 and I am the creator of this mudpack, I have choosen not to realease it my self but if any of you guys like the idea you may create and realease it as long as you complete my note above. It is to be called "Can you handle it?" and these are the mods in it. (p.s. it has a huge amount of dimensional mods just to mix things up for you guys ok?). nei bibliocraft furniture mod (any will do, especially if it is the yoglabs one) divine rpg tropicraft aether 2 the eternal frost astro craft galacticraft the atlantis dimension the aurorae (I know its similar to the ather but I still reckon it is a good mod that deserves some recognision) nightsky+spacemod Pandora mod the creep mod triassicraft the twiglight forest the erbus bug dimension arcticraft mystcraft the iron the miners dimension (to make getting to all these places just that little bit easier) crystal dimension balkons weapons shiprecks mod tinkers construct voxel map Archimedes' ships mod redpower 2 ee3 natura mod more ores mo creatures mo food more biomes xl build craft industrial craft icbm atomic science railcraft modular force fields mod modular powersuits mod biomes o plenty greymerk's rouge like dungeons mod better dungeons (if compats) derpy squids mod chococraft flans mod with planes, nerf weapons, world war 2 weapons and modern weapons addons shipwrecks hunters handgun mod thaumcraft 3 (btw i'm almost done) computer craft better than wolves powercraft and finally minecraft forge code chicken core code chicken core chunks minefactory realoded thermal expansion backpacks treecapitator applied engernetics dimensional doors iron chests obsidian preassure plates steves carts ender storage immibis micro blocks nether ores and inventory tweaks. So do you still think you can handle it? Post your thoughts below and realease it if you want. Yours sincerely js39193