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  1. yeah definitely! just head over to and make an account and post on the whitelist forum section!
  2. As the title says, this is a brand new Tekkit server, only have been opened for the past couple days in which we built a spawn and ironed out a few wrinkles. Anyway we are a 24/7 server on a dedicated site with friendly and knowledgeable staff. We do have a forum where you can join up with other people's groups, and be the first to the moon, or Mars! Yes, no one had made it to the moon or mars yet, be the first! So anyway, if any of this sounds fun to you, it would be best to make an account on Enjin: And make a post on the whitelist application. Once you are whitelisted, here is the IP:
  3. i want to play hexxit my Skype is zombiekiller KYAC

  4. message me when you have a skype, for now i can add you to the whitelist.
  5. I had no idea soo many people would want to play, in the future, i think i will set up a pub server with private worlds. For now, i can try to squeeze in rockymountainman, Tyler Moore, V1nsan1ty0. ill add all you guys as soon as i can!
  6. yeah i agree, download FileZilla and log in and all that bologna, delete everything on the server (make a backup if you wish) and just put on what you download from the Hexxit sight. this same thing worked for me. a little tip before you play tho, make sure you go through all the files on the server to make sure everything is in them. I learned this the hard way. the way i suggest putting files onto your FTP is one directory at a time (make sure server is stopped) then when you got all that loaded in, use the Hexxit.jar as your primary jar file NOT minecraft_server.jar you may have to contact your hosting service to allow you access to a certian bukkit thing ((my server runs on craftbukkit 1.5 #2686) if that helps any), just tell them you want to run Hexxit, and they should enable it for you. EDIT: i read the other half of your post about the customer service, all i can say is find someone on there that knows what Hexxit is (unless everything works without their help) if you are getting severe errors when the spawn is generating, just press the restart button, sometimes this fixes it. Also the reason your map and damage indicators and TMI works is because for the most part they are client side, trust me the same thing happened to me. Need anything else PM me.
  7. go ahead and send me your minecraft name and skype name (via private message) the server has a whitelist so i have to add you before you can play.
  8. i need help, i'm using Max's Hosting to host a server for me and the customer service takes forever to get back to me, so i'm looking other places for help Im trying to run the Hexxit modpack, all the files are loaded into the FTP but it crashed every time i start up the server. If someone can tell me what i need to do to make this work, that would be FAN FREAKING TASTIC! here is the latest crash report:
  9. I was looking into server hosts and i am willing to pay to host a server in the united states, private or public based on what we all decide. Anyway, let me know in you're interested. I will only get a server if there are more than 2 people that want to join. I have a server
  10. upon looking through what people like, i have Fraps and can record in not to bad of quality. we could start a youtube channel.
  11. yeah ill play, if you don't have enough people already.
  12. if you are still looking for people, which it seems like you have a lot of people that want to join, i'm also looking for someone to partner up with, I'm in America, (you can get specifics if you pm me) im 18, have skype and have turtle beach x12's, i havn't been on the receiving end of my mic, but i think they work pretty well. anyways, pm me if you want to play, but if not, that is ok.
  13. I'm also looking for people to play together, same thing single player is getting lonely. The only problem would be that i can't host a server either, so i would like to play, but if not, you're not going to hurt my feelings.
  14. As the title says i am looking for people to play this mod pack with. i tried a ton of the bigger servers, and no one wanted to start a survival thing or pay attention to the 'noobies', basically they just lured me to their house and killed me for my starter gear... Anyway, I'm 18 and i have skype and teamspeak and obviously i have a mic. Just looking for someone to start a kind of survival game going on a private or public server, small or big, just looking to have fun. Was looking into server hosting, i am willing to pay to keep a server running, private of course, for just the people who want to play.