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  1. Guys.... Hey guys... Check out this new modpack, let me know what you think. Includes server download file! Delirium http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/delirium.401073 Thanks, Seth
  2. I've updated the server to 1.0.10, and fixed a block problem that was causing crashes.
  3. I have upgraded the router for better performance, and also removed the Dimensional Doors mod because it was causing fatal server errors.
  4. Also, I would like to add, that I have removed Dimensional Doors mod, it was causing fatal server errors.
  5. Sorry was having some internet connectivity issues. I have installed a new router now, so it should perform better.
  6. Area56 Tekkit server updated to 1.2.9e [1.2.9e] area56.sethcoder.com [PvE/PVP][200 Slots][Factions][Chestshop] other Bukkit plugins 200 player limit. After a brief hiatus, the server is now up again. FREE FISH! Please feel free to drop in and try out the server. Post any problems to [email protected] Thanks, Seth
  7. [1.0.10] area56.sethcoder.com [PvE/PVP][200 Slots][DImensional Doors removed] Factions, Chestshop, other Bukkit plugins I've set up a hexxit server. Please feel free to join. The server will be up 24/7. 200 player limit, I may tweak this down if it gets too laggy. Stop in and try it out. Post any problems to [email protected] Thanks, Seth
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