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  1. Just a note, my computers faulty so expect the forums to be a bit behind the ingame stuff, thanks
  2. :( Sorry I'm stupid I fixed all the spelling mistakes i could find and spell checked the rest, also removed the signing idk why i even did that, is it ok now?
  3. i think some people are blind NO MORE GREYLISTTTTT thread will be deleted in 1/2 hours computer was broken deleteing noaw
  4. Welcome to ENERGYSURGE GAMING! WE ARE NOW OPEN! NO MORE GREYLIST! Unfortuantly we have had a map reset recently don't rage, we are happy to give previous players some diamonds, iron, copper ect, to get you started up again! IP: Description: We are a very new server, being started only in the last few weeks. But even thogh we are new we have a lot to offer! We have a small friendly comunity base, and no theme, but get on here early and you could be the person who helps to shape our servers future!!! Uptime: Around 23/7 Seeing As We Restart And Update Around 1 Hour A Day. Sometimes we may crash but this is rare and usualy fixed fast! Major Plugins: Towny [Temporarily offline] Factions GroupManager Multiverse [Removed to mutch lag ] MCMMO iConomy Essentials [XMPP] [sPAWN] GameChanging Plugins: NoFloatingTrees MobBountyReloaded VariableTriggers Mobdisguise FoundDiamonds MobArena ChestShop MobHealth Minor Plugins And Tools: VanishNoPacket CombatTag Spamguard LaggClear Vault PerformanceMonitor HideStream OpChat LWC AutoSaveWorld ZavAutoMessenger Rules: Only Grief Places 200 Blocks Away From Spawn & Only Grief Factions, Not Towns. Never Claim Over A Town With A Faction. Respect People With Higher Ranks And Be A Rolemodel To Lower Ranks. Don't SpawnKill, Don't PVP In Areas Noted [NOPVP]. Don't Spam. ACT MATURE, Swearing Is Allowed But Don't Use It Like A Retarded 10 Year Old. Use Common Sense. Obey The BANNED ITEMS Until We Disable Them Properly. No Sexism, Racism and don't build inappropriate structures. Other Server Info: This Server Is Hosted On Tekkit_Kev's High Spec Gaming Computer. We do NOT accept donations, the owner doesn't like taking peoples money. We have friendly admins who are usualy willing to help and give you stuff within reason, for example they will probably give you glass if you ask, but not quantum amour and 10 stacks of bedrock. Don't abuse their generosity they will most likely vanish and watch what you do, if you just stick the items in a condenser for emc, they will not be very happy... Banned Items: All explosives All EE2 Gem amour Ring of ignition, Ring of arcana & BlackHole Band [All others are conditional] Red MorningStar Mining Laser Forcefield BlockBreaker Upgrade [Note] Alot of EE2 is banned for unknown reasons, were fixing it. Semi-Banned items: Katar [Trusted and above] Mercurial eye [Trusted and above] Void Ring [Mod and above, can only be spawned due to blackhole being banned] Zero Ring [Trusted and above] [NOTE] If you see someone flying about with these they are most likely an admin or a mod in GM building. Staff: In Order Of Rank - Owner- Tekkit_Kev [Owner of the Server!] Admin- Cheesy_Smile [Thread Upkeeper And Head Builder] Admin- TheSauceMan Admin- Buchabonkers [Evil Master , don't mess with her or she will kill you...] Admin- Jibly888 Admin- GiantsFan98 [Good Builder, Built server shop] Admin- DarthMorgy [Has The Same Initials As Dark Matter] Admin- Triffman33 [incharge of n00bs] Admin- CrayolaX [One of the DevTeam from ENDLESS] Admin- Spy [Highly trusted person from last map] Admin- BloodRunsRed Mod- Minepro2001 [Given Mod to Help with the server when were live] Mod- SLOT OPEN Mod- SLOT OPEN Mod- SLOT OPEN [Note] Don't apply yet, we are still working on the ranking system, if we feel you are worthy you will be ranked ingame. Ranks You Can Achieve: Builder [say hi to an admin or mod] Trusted [Play for a total of 10 hours, build an EPIC house, be trusted] Trusted+ [same as trusted but be known well by an admin] Mod [be SUPPPEERRRR trusted and demonstrate moderating skills] SuperMod [Demonstrate advanced moderating skill serveral times, same as mod but with /vanish] Admin [Chosen by owner] Owner [No . Possible . Way . To . Get] The Spawn: Currently being worked on, due to map reset. FAQ: Help I'm a retard who got banned within 3 seconds because I spammed GIVE ME STUFF 99999 times when i spawned! plssss unban meeeeeee pleasssseeeeeeeeeeee When our website is up you can apply to be unbanned, but until then go cry on another thread ignorant little child... I can't find what I want in the store? Wait until an admin is on, then do '/HELPOP Please Could you add _____ to the shop?' But use this within reason don't say things like '/HELPOP Please Could you Add quantum amour to the shop for $1?' THIS IS A F***ING S*** SERVER SOMEONE GRIEFED ME Firstly CALM THE HELL DOWN, what world was you greifed in? if it was NOT the greifing world we will look into it, and if we can find evidence of your items we'll refund you! If not you will just be told to STFU and stop whining because you suck at using factions...
  5. Definitly accepted, also you may have talked your way into a moderating positon seeing as we just banned a mod for spawning stacks of redmatter, also server is going to become open so check the open servers list people!
  6. people JOIN tell an admin about your app rather than waiting on the forums!
  7. accepted as are all above it BTW we do have towny but there was an incident today and its not working proporly, will be fixed soon, until then you could make a peaceful faction or worldguard type town.
  8. IGN means your ingame name, if you dont have one you dont exist :P
  9. Yeh will be soon, probably would be up NOW, if somebody hadent blown up my city >:C Edit: Also mknameisak, i understand not wanting to tell people your skype if you have it, just send it me in a pm insted when the servers up :)
  10. Same as with the other guy, accepted by me, waiting confermation with owner, see you there.
  11. Probably accepted, just confirming with the owner, see you soon when we get the server up fully Edit: Iv'e made the application form better, but you included extra stuff about your self so dw about redoing it.
  12. Apply using this template, and put effort in, if i see something that looks like it took less than 5 minuites, it's AUTO-REJECTED. Greylist Aplication: You must answer theese questions: IGN- SKYPE [if you dont want it public, just put PMED here then pm it to me] - AGE [We ask for players to be atleast 14 and mature because we can not STAND imature children]- GENDER [just so i dont call a she a he ] - WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN [Make it interesting, i dont want to read BEcuZ I iS niec GUy...]- HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT US [Friend? Forum?] - *Optianal* [Will proabably give you a better chance of getting approved]: Take more time on theese questions, leave an amazingly well thoght out answer, doing theese badly will reduce your chances of getting in . . . Do you have any Moderating/Adminerstrating skills - We don't care if you've been banned [HELL I'VE BEEN BANNED] but would you please take the time to tell us, why - [Missunderstaning? Greif? Spam?]