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  1. IGN: Akelatron Experience in hexxit: 15ish hours maybe? I know my way around. Are you a PvP or PvP player: PvE
  2. I hosted a server for a few friends, but we haven't actually done much playing, so I wouldn't mind getting some other people to play with. It only has 4 slots at the moment, but that can change in the future if necessary. I play with keepInventory true and mobGriefing false, but if you want that changed then I'd be open for it. The server currently has a pretty decent home built and we're pretty stacked as far as materials go, but again, I'd be open to just restarting if that's what you want. Please keep in mind that I'm new to both Minecraft in general, as well as Hexxit, but if you're okay with that then let's get our game on.
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