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  1. pc, she also got this error http://puu.sh/4MVdU.png
  2. we got it!! seemed like my computer just needed restarting for what ever reason xD~ thank you for your help!! Edit: well dammit how she's crashing getting http://puu.sh/4MUH1.png e.e
  3. gah this is driving me crazy e.e.. I edited MoCGlobal and when I tried connecting last night to my server it was telling me that some codes were missing in Zulu so I copied that config to my hexxit folders in the .technic in appdata and was able to connect I copied the same folders to her computer. And I feel like if it was the configs she would be getting the error or something missing not just a time out x.x;
  4. connection time out damn double post e.o
  5. i've added gui api,mo creatures, and custom mob spawner to her game already -added them via teamviewer-
  6. well she's been able to connect no problem before its just now i've tried everything
  7. hey > xD thanks! but now my friend can't connect to the server hamachi is up and i can get on but she can't i've added the files needed it just says can't connect :S
  8. -cough- she -cough- and I got it when i got that error i didn't see the line of the id that was conflicting cause it was cut off but I got it :D
  9. so ive started changing things around and seems like the ones i'm having problems with that need to be lower than 256 are being used by forge x.x is there anyway I can see which ones are being used??
  10. hmm ok well it seems when i deleted project zulu completly it still seemed to crash but i guess i'll try to do the item Id change
  11. thanks guys a few questions though: where is the config for mo creatures cause i can't seem to find it anywhere and two how do i disable Zulu cause i deleted it and it still crashed :O
  12. I've been trying to add mo' creatures to my Hexxit server (obviously by title lol) and it crashes I assume something is causing an conflict with another one of Hexxit's many mods. Ive added several mods to my server that have worked successfully such as Bukkit World Edit Harvest craft Mr Crayfish's Furniture Mod Dyeable Beds Mod If someone could assist me in if at all possible, is able to add this to Hexxit, I would be most grateful ;-; -cowers away-
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