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  1. okay its been up for 3 days only 1 person have joined at that was one single time so i might make it like normal minecraft so...... ill just wait and see tomorrow
  2. okay guys your all welcome if you get any problems add me on skype : daviskii
  3. if you have skype just add me daviskii ran into a little trouble :P
  4. remember tekkit lite and on technic launcher choose version 0.6.1 alrighty
  5. sorry for the late reply is the ip its down for 5 min from now doing stuffy stuff
  6. ohh its 0.6.1. for now and haves 96 slots not sure if it will handle 96 players at once though xD but its running great i just gave it a go and well im playing now feel free to send a message here and i will whitelist you
  7. Hello good people of the technic forums ;D i just bought a server to play some tekkit lite with someone and i am looking for someone to play with its whitelisted so post your name and maybe reason you want to play on my server and i might whitelist you the rules are simpe no cheating stealing griefing and other bad stuff and be nice friendly and polite (i love the hammer and if you enoy your stay at the server and come on it alot i might upgrade it (but its expensive and dont want to pay more if no one joins )
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