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  1. I'm having the exact same problem with my server... Someone help me :(
  2. I'm looking for people to play on my voltz server (in case you didn't already know that from the title!). So far there is only about three people on the server and We are looking for players who know the basics of voltz. My minecraft username is xxray and the server should be on from 3pm to 8pm and on through most of the day on the weekends (I live on the west coast of North America, so the times might be different).Some of our rules are: Keep your base about 400 blocks away from spawn. All bases must not go under 40 blocks deep. Raiding IS aloud, but if you are raiding, don't devastate the person by taking everything they own. Rejuvination, Hyper Sonic, and Sonic explosives/missiles are NOT aloud. Do NOT destroy the spawn. No cheating (DUH!) Breaking these rules will cause temporary or permanent BAN! If you accept these conditions and you want the ip for the server email me or add me on Skype (I would prefer email). My email is:[email protected] and my Skype username is:crumblescookies123