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  1. We have now added flans mod ! so now you can drive trains, fly or drive cars, you can even build boats. we plane to add a sub mod soon too :)
  2. will be adding amsll boats mod tonight !!!! now you can enjoy trains soon boats, cars and planes :)
  3. bump server pack now has mo creatures will be testing and adding flans mod soon :)
  4. Try and increase parm gen size in the launcher options, if not come on our teamspeak server same IP as the server and we will do what we can to help :)
  5. Hello i need some advice on chicken chunk loaders. I have been having issues with chunk loaders causing lag/TPS issues, i would like to know if there is a plugin out there that can be used to removed them on a timer. this would help as i can set a timer to clear them every 24 hours to clear lag ETC. THANKS IN ADVANCE !
  6. Private Mod Pack Pass Add this pack link to your lanuncher ! http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/hawks-server-pack Server Ip About Welcome to ICMC We’re a factions Tekkit Minecraft server striving to grow our community and help people make friends. I’d like to stress, though, that our server is founded on maturity—if you can’t deal with the rules and get along with people, there are plenty of other servers available. However, if you’re civil we’ll be happy to see you online! The server is a Tekkit server, running up-to-date with multiple plugins and mods, for fun and administration it’s as simple as that. Because of this rights system, we are able to operate without a whitelist, so anyone can visit at any time. Part of the server object is to start or join a faction part of a nation, axis or allies, you will help the nation take land in huge battle land sea and air ! • Multiplayer Survival Server - Tekkit and Bukkit 1.6.4 Supported with MCPC + • Free Build Server! | No Whitelist! | No Sign-Up Required! Brand new server Factions Teamspeak 3 Forums available http://www.hawk666gameserver.comFriendly staff Don't ask for OP Don't ask for items No swearing No Griefing No Offensive Builds (genitals ETC) swastikas are allowed in factions part of the axies nation Real Economy More plugins soon 300 Slot High end server 32gb of ram, Survival Adventure out and find a place to build; Normal mobs and animals Useful commands for players; /back /tpa Donation packages - Cheap and loaded with great items; Helps us keep the server running. Great Staff - They're professional. we try are best to keep our players heppy because we love them You can now make your own ages in thaumcraft, not many servers allow this ! just don't abuse it. Once again, thank you for visiting our server promotion. We hope to see you soon !