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  1. UPDATED TO 1.0.10 BE SURE TO UPDATE TO THE LATEST VERSION 1.0.10 All info can also be found on As before worlds will be limited between 10,000 - 20,000 blocks in all directions. Five different worlds will be open. Primary World (Build / PVP) [20,000 block limit*] Limbo Twilight Universe [10,000 block limit*] Nether [8,000 block limit*] Adventure (PVP and Adventure based.) [15,000 block limit*] *Subject to change at anytime Please note : The Nether, Adventure world and the Twilight Universe will be reset every 3 weeks. What is Hexxit? Hexxit is a fantasy adventure mod made up from a collection of various other mods that adds a large RPG aspect to Minecraft over the standard Vanilla Version. Server Information: Server IP : There will be no whitelist or any form of application to join. The server is open to everybody! For a detailed plugin list click >Here In addition to sG Global Guidelines found >here, Be sure to read the revised rules which have been updated to suit this server.>revised rules.