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  1. Hello, I have been playing on the big dig ModPack for a while now and it has always loaded smoothly and without a hitch, until now. This is what happens when i attempt to load up the BigDig modpack as of now. When I start to load up the modpack all is as usual, i press the PLAY button and the little loading bar above "get more modpacks, visit the forums, Donate to the modders" starts spitting out a whole bunch of loading stuff. Normally after a few seconds it kills the launcher screen and goes to the MOJANG screen, but in this case the loading bar just stops and clears so it just likes the reg
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    landon I've had the same problem forever and i was screwing around with it trying to fix it and i stumbled upon a button that said reset pack. I though i might lose my worlds but I'd still be able to play. Turns out IT WORKED!!! I didn't lose ANY worlds and i can play as much as i want. now to fix it and reset the pack, go to the settings or the little gear symbol below the tekkit pack, look at the options that pop up and click "reset pack". then run tekkit like normal and it should work. YOU'RE WELCOM
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