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  1. Can you add me to the whitelist? My IGN is BOOMheadshot789
  2. Try this seed. It spawns you right on the edge of a jungle and a forest biome. There's tons of iron, and I mean TONS, in the forest. Pretty epic. (Don't put the dashes in. I did that so it'd be easier to read.) 539-207-747-207-101-8412
  3. Just a dude who lurks the forums for tips and tricks.

  4. I've had no luck finding any help to install texture packs with Tekkit classic addons. I wanna use Faithful x32 for Tekkit classic, but I'm not really a whiz with computers and I'm qutie confuzzeled.
  5. Launcher Version: 292 Operating System: Windows Vista? Java Version: Can't really find out, but Up-to-date Antivirus Program: don't have one. ._. Description of Problem: When I launch any modpack, whether it's Tekkit Classic or Voltz, the browser doesn't close. I dunno if it's a bug or a big problem. Error Messages: None Error Log: None
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