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  1. Thanks weir. I didn't mention it, but that's actually what I planned on doing--it's just a shame because using using ME interfaces would be much more compact. Well, for instance, it will show the power boots as being crafted, and under missing materials, it shows the power boots themselves as a missing component.
  2. I'm trying to disable void fog, but I can't seem to find a way to do so for MC 1.5.2 (I'm using tekkit 1.1.10). The closest thing I've found is this (it's not actually intended for tekkit, though): http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1116564-164-162-mamiyaotarus-mods-voxelmap-chatbubbles-etc/ I tried placing the rar file into my .technic/modpacks/tekkitmain/mods folder, and I also tried extracting the class file and putting it into my minecraft jar located in .technic/modpacks/tekkitmain/bin, but didn't notice any changes. The page didn't even contain instructions on how to install the mod afaik. I'm aware of optifine, but I'm not sure if I should use it since it's out of date. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Update: It does in fact seem that my issue with iron not smelting was due to a "network reset". I seem to have fixed the issue with iron not smelting by breaking the one part of my network I didn't try breaking before: the cable connecting the smelters to the AE network. I observed that when breaking anything (be it a cable or monitor), everything in the crafting monitor would disappear. Anywho, I've successfully autocrafted 10k bonemeal, 1k iron ingots, and 1k gold ingots simultaneously without a problem now. Unfortunately, ME interfaces have lost almost all of their use (for me at least) because I will frequently be adding things to my network, which is a shame because daisy chaining ME interfaces and sharing them between neighboring smelters really allowed me to compact things down. I'd like to fix the issue with power armor not autocrafting for peace of mind, but I'll leave that be for now since autocrafting it isn't important in and of itself.
  4. Update: it seems I didn't actually fix the issue with power armor not autocrafting. The issue happened again, but the fix I mentioned didn't work a second time. I broke the c-terminal/regular terminal, disconnected quantum link bridges, disconnected the mac, reconnected the terminals and then the mac, and restarted tekkit, but to no avail; it simply shows the item itself (the power armor) as being the missing material, and never crafts.
  5. Okay, so further details: I'm having issues with autocrafting iron where I try to queue up 1k iron to be smelted, but it only uses 1 of the 4 inductions smelters to smelt 1 ore into 2 ingots, and then stops. I tried breaking various parts of my network and then restarting, but no luck so far. I did a test by requesting only 64 ingots, and it got a little further into the job (about 9 ingots) before stopping) This was working earlier to the best of my knowledge. The controller isn't losing power, and I have available storage space. Here's some screenshots: Here's a screenshot of a job that was in progress; it smelted 2 out of 1k ingots before stopping. Here's a screenshot of the 4 induction smelters responsible for making iron. I have 2 patterns for processing iron at present. Here's one of them: Here's the other pattern: Here's a mockup of how my smelters are setup from the side: Here's a mockup from the front: Here's how the input/outputs are configured for my smelters (items are imported from the ME interfaces on the left when autocraft requests are made, and then completed items are exported into the ME interfaces on the right):
  6. As far as the power armor goes, I tried restarting tekkit and queuing the job multiple times to no avail, so I'm not entirely sure that this was the cause. As far as my issues with requesting iron to be crafted, I don't think this is the case either. I'll post again with more details on the issue here shortly.
  7. Nah, it's totally possible to craft power armor with a regular table. For those with a similar issue, I managed to solve the issue by disconnecting and reconnecting my crafting/regular terminal, my crafting monitor, and my quantum link chambers, and then reconnecting them. I guess it's just a bug with the mod? On yet another note, I'm noticing that crafting jobs to smelt ores are being fulfilled inconsistently (tried to request 1k iron ore once, as well as 10k) where the induction smelters will suddenly stop receiving resources. I might start a new thread for this topic, and post some pictures later.
  8. This fixed it. On another note, are there certain items that can't be autocrafted with AE? I ran into another issue where I am unable to autocraft power armor, but I'm almost certain that I didn't mess anything up.
  9. Pretty much as the title suggests, I'm trying to autocraft diamond/gold chipsets using AE. I have an interface attached to the assembly table with the gold/diamond chipset patterns in it, but when I click "craft", it simply loads the materials into the table without selecting the proper item. Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks, I tried this and it fixed the problem.
  11. Just as an update to this thread, I've tried various farm arrangements with no luck. I've also tried using 200 magmatics just as a test, and it is every bit as laggy as I've heard (at least when they're on). My computer specs aren't horribly dated, either: athlon II x2 (different from the plain old x2) @ 2.8ghz, 10gb ram, 4850 radeon. All of these tests have been offline MC. I'm interested in trying this out, but I have to wonder why this would work? If you're maintaining the same throughput, then surely the same amount of trees are still being chopped, thus causing the same amount of lag? Things are probably different because you're playing on a server as opposed to offline. I think aside from timendainum's suggestion, I'll try using pumpkins/melons and seeing how that goes. Overall, it's pretty disappointing that I can't utilize large scale power production (200-1k mj) in the new tekkit without incurring lots of lag. I'd try atomic science, but I have no desire to since I've heard it can also become laggy, and there's no ores in my world currently for it.
  12. So I've done some testing and have managed to alleviate the lag somewhat but not by much. I'd like to add another question in addition to the ones above: my grinders seem to have trouble killing ghasts, so I'm wondering what's everyone's preferred setup? Thanks again.
  13. I have a few questions regarding MFR farms/biofuel which I couldn't find much info on. 1. is there a way to reduce the lag created by sewage farms+plantations? I'm thinking of phasing out the need for animals/fertilizer by increasing the range of my planter so throughput stays relatively the same (this doesn't fix the lag created by the harvester, though). If this doesn't work, I might just switch over to large scale magmatics, but I hear that this can also be laggy. 2. are there problems with putting blocks in front of grinders/autospawners? I'd like to protect my machines/pipes from mobs should the worst happen. 3. is there any use for enchanted items gained via mob farms? The enchant system seems wholly pointless when you have tekkit. 4. does squishing a bunch of mobs into a confined area (especially ghasts) cause less mobs to spawn overall, or do the autospawners not care? Thanks.
  14. Thanks. I was prompted by your response to test things out, and found that it is more specifically the axe module on the powerglove that causes the issue. I was able to use the powerglove without issue once I removed the module.
  15. I couldn't find anything on the wiki about this, so I'll ask here: is the treecapitator mod supposed to work on player housing? I built a log cabin, and have treecapitated (as in every log in the roof and on the outside collapses) it no less than 3 times now by accidentally chopping a wood pillar in the center of the house. The part that baffles me is that the wood pillar isn't connected to any of the other logs in the house, just plank slabs/planks. Here's some pics of the house setup (thanks in advance):