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  1. Oh do not worry. I absolutely learned my lesson, and despite what u say, I didnt ignore the girls, they ticked me off even more, rest assured I damn sure wont be trying to find people to play MC with here EVER again, I now FULLY understand that I have NO RIGHT whatso-fucking-ever to play with ANYone of the opposite without being singled out as some sort of psychotic pervert, and I also understand that, because I am married and have kids (??? I guess that's why) that I am a loser...period. I don't know what on EARTH I was thinking trying to play minecraft with ANYONE that didnt have a dick, I must be out of my fuckin mind RIGHT ?
  2. Yeah...okay, i wanted to find som girls to play minecraft with. Thats absolutely clearly a sexual innuendo. Whatever i can see MAYBE why someone would MAYBE think "wtf, why's he wanna play with chics" UNTIL i remembered i said GUYS TOO, im not bi-sexual damn. AND "IT"D BE NIC TO HAVE SOME MINECRAFT FRIENDS IN GENERAL>>>ITD BE COOL TO HAVE SOME FRIENDS TO GO FROM SERVER TO SERVER WITH...I didnt specify "a hot horny dumb slut to cyber with as we go server to server on MINECRAFT" FOD GODS sake, what do I have a fucking lego fetish or somethin people. YES IF and that is a HUUUUUUUGE I-F, someone WAS trying to pick up chicks through MINECRAFT, they either are even more addicted than I am, have NO life WHATSOEVER or do indeed have a literal pixel/block/lego fetish....UNFORTUNATELY, I really am engaged AND fighting for cutody, and hoping my first wife will be a DISTANT fucking memory SOMETIME VERY SOON, my fiance JUST got back from a 2 week trip and I got SO many relationship related problems, even the IDEA of any new ones is completely ridiculous, let alone the ONLY time and place I can get away from all that, for some douchebags to assume im some degenerate loser who doesnt know how to talk a *shiver* g-g-g-ggirrrrl....well, Im sorry, but that pisses me off. On top of ALL of that, I have been friends with females more my entire life, and I am SICK of people acting like THIS, which is WHY most chix prob DID think I was some fucking loser, HOWEVER, my first post ALONE, if u REALLY read it, is NOT in ANY way absurd. Like u have NEVER been on a server and thought GOD why r all these DUDES arguing over NOTHING, its a macho douchbag thing where none of us can be wrong, and playing with females, for WHATEVER reason doesnt seem to end up that way. Every one of us need ta grow up a lil I think. This thread IS ridiculous, despite my inetentions, the reactions were absurd either fuckin way...I guess like evryone else, I will have to just accept that i have NO RIGHT to play with the opposite sex without people assuming Im trying to get in their pants via the fuckin internet. Just like I will probably never be able to have female friends IRL either or else it will mean I want to date them too right ? And I suppose if a chic WANTS to a sport with me its ONLY because shes a lesbo and IM trying to rub up against her right ? THIS IS RIDICULOUS
  3. Really ? Cuz i seriously just made that up right ? check my fucking FB asshole. You DONT fucking know me. Like I said, if THIS is everyones reaction to ONE person wanting to play with the opposite sex, it REALLY shows the level of maturity on this forum. If you'd all read it, it says GUYS TOO. EVEN IF i wasnt engaged to someone i REALLy care about and have known since i was 14, why on FUCKING EARTH would I attempt to meet a chic on THIS WEBSITE of all gd places !? JUST because you are still a virgin doesn't mean I am. Everything I said was true. Unlike some people I actually HAVE a life outside talking hit on someone I DONT even know just because I think its funny and its easy when they are miles and miles away.
  4. almost forgot...congrats to ALL of us for re-inforcing negative stigmas on nerds and females at the same time. way ya go us !
  5. GOD ! Trolling for chix !? REALLY !? I mention that i want to PLAY MINECRAFT with a female and this place DOES explode. THAT is why people act the way they do. For gods sake are we all REALLY THAT god damn immature lonely losers !? AGAIN proving EXACTLY WHY Id RATHER play with girls. AND AGAIN F-Y-FUCKING-I, not ONLY am I MARRIED, with THREEE GD KIDS, but I am in the middle of divorce WHILST getting engaged, so LIKE I SAID, another gf or wtf EVER u all think could have POSSIBLY happened OTHER than 2 people of opposite sex PLAYING MINECRAFT, is THE LAST thing i needed, LET ALONE wanted. THIS is WHY she assumed I was trolling for chix. AND btw, i am 27, i still laugh at fart jokes and I STILL think I may be the most mature one ON HERE so far other than Jay !!!!
  6. and fyi, the last thing i need right now is another girl, in THAT sense, I was just wanting to expand my own minecraft community. I know how to find a good server, but exactly WHICH section has individuals specificly looking to team up or form a clan even and play specificly with those people no matter which server you r on ? Although after mentioning it, I do kind of wish my actual gf DID play mc with me. lol That said, like I said, being rude and assuming i'm a creepy overwieght lonely guy with cheetohs stains on his undersized wife-beater in his mom's basement hoping to surrepticiously find a female to impregnante, well that is exactly why I would rather play with some girls...and guys who can manage to not be assholes would be great too...
  7. I tend to play ALL of the packs the Technic Launcher has and I wanted to find some girls to play with, and i just realized how itd be nice to just have some MC friends in general, none of my friends play MC and itd be cool to have some new ones to go from server to sevrer with