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  1. Hey Valkseye, I am looking for a group who plays regularly to do some mp Voltz..is this server still active and not full? IGN:Britlad89
  2. Looking to join a pve community server! Mc vanilla experience, and I have mumble! PM with the ip address and I look forward to seeing you all on!! VaultBoy13 (ign:Britlad89)
  3. Hey mango, new ish to voltz, plenty of vanilla exp though! Looking for a small group to play mp with. IGN:Britlad89 (may change if mojang starts allowing) Play: almost every day for at least 3hrs (MST, Colorado) Record: not sure how to but might be able..definitely can voice chat through C3 or mumble! Get back to me if the server is still open for applications!! VaultBoy13 Hey mango, quite new to voltz, plenty of vanilla exp though! IGN:Britlad89 (gonna change once mojang allows) Play time: almost every day (Mountain Standard Time, Colorado) Hey
  4. Is this server still active? New (ish) to voltz, plenty of mc vanilla exp though, looking for some peeps to play mp with, sp gets a little boring..
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