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  1. Hello, My name is Poping19 :)

    I'll be happy to help you create/manage a server, and i know quite a lot of hosts that are cheap, efficient etc.

    A couple of things i'd like to know;

    -Do you want a home hosted server? or a paid server?

    -Will you make it public or private?

    That's all :)

    If you need me, i'll be in the corner of the room on my skype at : waqar_3361 (Add me on skype :P)

  2. I can help you out, it looks like you put the users on the top and groups at the bottom (It's supposed to be the other away around).

    Here's a tip, re-download PermissionsEx again and copy the format then configure it as how you did it before, if the problem occurs then add me on skype : waqar_3361, this is the only way i contact user(s)

  3. Don't listen to them, do this:

    In your servers files, open a folder called "Mods", locate a file called "NotEnoughItems-Bukkit", delete it then restart/stop your server and start it again, it should be patched.


    "Why? I don't want to remove NEI from my server :(((" **NOTE** This does NOT remove NEI from your server or from people, it is the main part in the Gamemode hack, just delete it and try :P.

    Thanks for reading, bye

  4. Billy, add me on skype for the GroupManager thing : waqar_3361

    I will tell you how to patch GM hacks, it's simple really, go to your servers files, open the 'Mods' folder and delete a file called NotEnoughItems-Bukkit, restart the server. :D that's all

    And for group manager, either add me on skype for full detailed help or just use this;

    If you want the rank to be called e.g. member, then first of all do /mangadd Member,

    then do /mangaddv member prefix <Prefix e.g. &f[&2Member&f]&f>

    Then do the following commands:

    /mangaddp member essentials.spawn

    /mangaddp member essentials.help

    /mangaddp member essentials.teleport.others

    /mangaddp member essentials.tpa

    /mangaddp member essentials.tpaccept

    /mangaddp member essentials.tpdeny

    /mangaddp member essentials.tpahere

    /mangaddp member essentials.seen.

    for the moderator just copy those ^ to moderator in the groups.yml file

    and then do these commands

    /mangaddp moderator essentials.kick

    /mangaddp moderator essentials.tempban

    /mangaddp moderator essentials.whois

    /mangaddp moderator essentials.whois.others

    /mangaddp moderator essentials.gamemode

    /mangaddp moderator essentials.gamemode.1

    /mangaddp moderator essentials.gamemode.creative

    /mangaddp moderator essentials.survival

    /mangaddp moderator essentials.fly

    /mangaddp moderator essentials.tp.others

    /mangaddp moderator essentials.tp.

    for ranks with prefixes for admin, owner, head-admin, co-owner do these commands but where it says <group> type in the rank e.g. owner, admin, head-admin or co-owner

    First of all, do /manuadd <your name> <group>

    so for example, /manuadd poping19 head-admin

    if the group isn't created then simply do /mangadd head-admin

    to add the permissions do /mangaddp head-admin essentials.ban etc.

    for prefixes do

    /mangaddv head-admin &f[&4head-admin&f]&5

    /mangaddv owner &f[&4Owner&f]&6

    /mangaddv co-owner &f[&4Co-Owner&f]&7

    /mangaddv admin &f[&4Admin&f]&5


    Make sure the group is already made, to check if it is do /manuadd <your name> <group> so /manuadd poping19 owner.

    If you would like more information then just add me on skype :) because i know a lot about servers :P

    SKYPE: waqar_3361

    Thanks for reading,


  5. The best plugin you can get is called ''NoItem'', i will explain how it is very efficient.

    1: It's a blacklist plugin, it can restrict:

    • Crafting certain items - Disabling the crafting of an item (s)
    • Holding certain items - can disable someone holding the item
    • Having certain items - can disable someone having a item
    • Brewing certain potions - can disable certain potions
    • Cooking certain items - can disable cooking/smelting a item
    • Picking up certain items - can disable picking an item up
    • Dropping certain items - can disable dropping an item
    • Placing certain blocks - placing a certain block e.g. nuke
    • Breaking certain blocks - breaking certain blocks
    • Wearing certain armors - e.g. you can disable the wearing of quantum and you can give access to a certain rank to wear quantum e.g. a donator.
    • Interacting with certain items / entities in general - You can set a group (s) to not interact with animals, mobs etc
    • Left clicking certain items / entities - You can set a group so they can't left click a item/entities
    • Right clicking certain items / entities - set a group not to right click a item/entities
    • Using certain tools. (right click / left click / in general) - can disable the left or right click of a item e.g. you can disable the right click of a morning star so they can't greif spawn :)

    2: You can add permission nodes to a certain group, e.g. (for the permissions page check the bottom for the links :D )

    Say i have a group called "Example" and i am using GroupManager (Permissions plugin.)

    I would have to do this in order for them not to right click with katar : /pex group Example add noitem.nointeract.right.27572. Mote that the "/pex group example add" is the command to add a permission to a specific group/player.

    So doing this command will disable the right click of an katar.

    @bwblazerkid, Even if you banned a item. say for example TNT, and they used a project table, philosopher stone etc, when they have that item (s) in their hand, it will be removed by NoItem ;).

    Thanks for listening :D


    What is a entity? http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Entity

    What are the permissions i can add? https://github.com/World-of-Tomorrow/NoItem/wiki/Permissions

    Where can i get noitem from? http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/noitem/

    Thanks for reading, hope this helped :)


    By the way dreadslicer, i don't know if you know but there's a dupe glitch involving the Item loader, chest cart and a track, it dupes stackable and unstackable items and i can show you how it works with a video, but i don't think i am allowed to post it so just inbox me and i will inbox you it or you can always add me on skype as i know quite a few crash bugs, glitches with servers and dupe glitches : waqar_3361.

    Thanks for readin, i'm not trying to advertise a duplication glitch, i am just trying to get it patched :D

  7. This is a copy paste from my post in a thread on the General Tekkit SMP board here. I thought it should be here as well/instead.

    To fix the following error:

    Error occurred during initialization of VM

    Could not reserve enough space for object heap

    Could not create Java virtual machine.

    Edit(right click &gt; edit) the launch.bat so that it contains the following:

    java -Xmx1G -Xms512M -jar Tekkit.jar nogui


    You should also think about whether you have enough RAM to be running the server.

    Some other things that have come up:

    The server folder name cannot include &quot;!&quot;, this probably applies to other special characters as well.

    If the server complains &quot;too small initial heap&quot; you most likely forgot the M on -Xms512M

    Some more details.



    So Xmx specifies the maximum size of the heap. it does not limit the amount of memory tekkit will use, only the heap which is one use for memory.

    Xmx should be less than total free memory, AND if you are running 32bit java it should be less than 1.5G.

    If you get stack overflow errors you should increase this value

    Xms specifies the initial size of the heap, its not that important in this case, ideally keep it around what the server uses right after it starts up, 512M is plenty for me, this should never really need to be changed.


    *Give that man a cookie*

  8. Is it me, or is technic launcher failing to work?

    Since the new launcher came out () my tekkit accounts have not been working, whenever i would try to log in it says 'Invalid token'. the same with my friends, all 3 of them tried signing in and it wouldn't work. Please help :(