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  1. gamer81z, He said PM him, in other words Personal Message him, And by the way "Dagger The Owner" I've Personal messaged you, Please give me a reply :D
  2. Get these plugins to check who broke what; - CoreProtect - LogBlock These plugins can check which person broke which block, and you can rollback your "greifed blocks". Hope this was helpful ~Poping19
  3. Hello, My name is Poping19 I'll be happy to help you create/manage a server, and i know quite a lot of hosts that are cheap, efficient etc. A couple of things i'd like to know; -Do you want a home hosted server? or a paid server? -Will you make it public or private? That's all If you need me, i'll be in the corner of the room on my skype at : waqar_3361 (Add me on skype )
  4. For the first 7, Get a plugin called TekkitRestrict, it basically does everything you mentioned, and it patches a lot more glitches/bug exploits.
  5. I can help you out, it looks like you put the users on the top and groups at the bottom (It's supposed to be the other away around). Here's a tip, re-download PermissionsEx again and copy the format then configure it as how you did it before, if the problem occurs then add me on skype : waqar_3361, this is the only way i contact user(s)
  6. I can help, not just with your server but plugins, ranks etc. add me on skype : waqar_3361 or e-mail me at [email protected]
  7. **COUGH COUGH** 03.10 08:11:57 [server] SEVERE Error occurred while enabling Essentials v2.12.1 (Is it up to date?)
  8. Don't listen to them, do this: In your servers files, open a folder called "Mods", locate a file called "NotEnoughItems-Bukkit", delete it then restart/stop your server and start it again, it should be patched. FAQ's: "Why? I don't want to remove NEI from my server ((" **NOTE** This does NOT remove NEI from your server or from people, it is the main part in the Gamemode hack, just delete it and try . Thanks for reading, bye
  9. Billy, add me on skype for the GroupManager thing : waqar_3361 I will tell you how to patch GM hacks, it's simple really, go to your servers files, open the 'Mods' folder and delete a file called NotEnoughItems-Bukkit, restart the server. that's all And for group manager, either add me on skype for full detailed help or just use this; If you want the rank to be called e.g. member, then first of all do /mangadd Member, then do /mangaddv member prefix <Prefix e.g. &f[&2Member&f]&f> Then do the following commands: /mangaddp member essentials.spawn /mangaddp member essentials.help /mangaddp member essentials.teleport.others /mangaddp member essentials.tpa /mangaddp member essentials.tpaccept /mangaddp member essentials.tpdeny /mangaddp member essentials.tpahere /mangaddp member essentials.seen. for the moderator just copy those ^ to moderator in the groups.yml file and then do these commands /mangaddp moderator essentials.kick /mangaddp moderator essentials.tempban /mangaddp moderator essentials.whois /mangaddp moderator essentials.whois.others /mangaddp moderator essentials.gamemode /mangaddp moderator essentials.gamemode.1 /mangaddp moderator essentials.gamemode.creative /mangaddp moderator essentials.survival /mangaddp moderator essentials.fly /mangaddp moderator essentials.tp.others /mangaddp moderator essentials.tp. for ranks with prefixes for admin, owner, head-admin, co-owner do these commands but where it says <group> type in the rank e.g. owner, admin, head-admin or co-owner First of all, do /manuadd <your name> <group> so for example, /manuadd poping19 head-admin if the group isn't created then simply do /mangadd head-admin to add the permissions do /mangaddp head-admin essentials.ban etc. for prefixes do /mangaddv head-admin &f[&4head-admin&f]&5 /mangaddv owner &f[&4Owner&f]&6 /mangaddv co-owner &f[&4Co-Owner&f]&7 /mangaddv admin &f[&4Admin&f]&5 **NOTE** Make sure the group is already made, to check if it is do /manuadd <your name> <group> so /manuadd poping19 owner. If you would like more information then just add me on skype because i know a lot about servers SKYPE: waqar_3361 Thanks for reading, ~Poping19
  10. The best plugin you can get is called ''NoItem'', i will explain how it is very efficient. 1: It's a blacklist plugin, it can restrict: Crafting certain items - Disabling the crafting of an item (s) Holding certain items - can disable someone holding the item Having certain items - can disable someone having a item Brewing certain potions - can disable certain potions Cooking certain items - can disable cooking/smelting a item Picking up certain items - can disable picking an item up Dropping certain items - can disable dropping an item Placing certain blocks - placing a certain block e.g. nuke Breaking certain blocks - breaking certain blocks Wearing certain armors - e.g. you can disable the wearing of quantum and you can give access to a certain rank to wear quantum e.g. a donator. Interacting with certain items / entities in general - You can set a group (s) to not interact with animals, mobs etc Left clicking certain items / entities - You can set a group so they can't left click a item/entities Right clicking certain items / entities - set a group not to right click a item/entities Using certain tools. (right click / left click / in general) - can disable the left or right click of a item e.g. you can disable the right click of a morning star so they can't greif spawn 2: You can add permission nodes to a certain group, e.g. (for the permissions page check the bottom for the links ) Say i have a group called "Example" and i am using GroupManager (Permissions plugin.) I would have to do this in order for them not to right click with katar : /pex group Example add noitem.nointeract.right.27572. Mote that the "/pex group example add" is the command to add a permission to a specific group/player. So doing this command will disable the right click of an katar. @bwblazerkid, Even if you banned a item. say for example TNT, and they used a project table, philosopher stone etc, when they have that item (s) in their hand, it will be removed by NoItem . Thanks for listening **LINKS** What is a entity? http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Entity What are the permissions i can add? https://github.com/World-of-Tomorrow/NoItem/wiki/Permissions Where can i get noitem from? http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/noitem/ Thanks for reading, hope this helped :)
  11. DREADSLICER = TEKKITRESTRICT OWNER By the way dreadslicer, i don't know if you know but there's a dupe glitch involving the Item loader, chest cart and a track, it dupes stackable and unstackable items and i can show you how it works with a video, but i don't think i am allowed to post it so just inbox me and i will inbox you it or you can always add me on skype as i know quite a few crash bugs, glitches with servers and dupe glitches : waqar_3361. Thanks for readin, i'm not trying to advertise a duplication glitch, i am just trying to get it patched :D
  12. By the way, there was a fix to the technic launcher fail (In the launcher forums) so thanks for trying to help me, really appreicate it :)
  14. Is it me, or is technic launcher failing to work? Since the new launcher came out () my tekkit accounts have not been working, whenever i would try to log in it says 'Invalid token'. the same with my friends, all 3 of them tried signing in and it wouldn't work. Please help :(
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