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  1. As I said in the first post, you are using a 32bit JVM which is only able to use 1.5 Gigglybits of ram.
  2. If you could answer these two questions it would really help me out. 1. How do I mine? 2. How do I craft?
  3. Yeah this is definitely something I'd like to do. In the mean time check out Midas Silver: https://github.com/agaricusb/midas-silver
  4. kan ikke komme ind

  5. If the offending block has a specific ID then use midas to set that ID to 0, that will remove it.
  6. Version 2.5 released, adds the ability to individually select plugins to run. Should open less file handles on large maps now. Minor improvements to logging.
  7. I think by base ID you mean an ID without a colon and damage value e.g. 5 -> 4 instead of 5:3 -> 4. Please understand that this form matches ANY damage value for that block ID and that the first damage value is 0 so to convert the first colour of planks would be 3:0 -> 1. It is expected behaviour that 5 -> 1 5:1 ->1:2 is invalid instead you would probably want 5:0 -> 1 5:1 -> 1:2
  8. Is there a replacement for frames? Frames are really all I care about in RP. They are really impressive and IMO make the game much more interesting.
  9. Do we have any information that indicates whether RP might be included if it gets updated to the latest version of MC? Both RP and IC2 have no versions for after MC1.4.7. Technic has left out popular mods that are lagging behind before, only for them to be included once they catch up.
  10. I'm not aware of any published patch files to convert TekkitLite to TekkitClassic. You would need to create your own. Some of the translations would simply be reversals of the ones for converting the other way. Why would you want to do that though?
  11. Yeah I'd be interested in the source. You should probably publish it anyway as you are obliged to keep an up to date version of the source available by the GPL3 licence that skmclauncher uses.
  12. I would be pretty interested in testing this. How do you deal with situations where package name of the mod has changed(as this is the source of getName())? Where is the source repository for this?
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