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  1. I'll be Updating the Server for the next few days.
  2. Thanks, I hope you have fun & enjoy the server!
  3. Update News: Added some more Plugins & Added a H'ween Event/Plugin. Also Fix Server lag/Crashs.
  4. Server Ip: *mc10.fadehost.com:35729* Site: Coming Soon Vote Links: Coming Soon Other Links: Coming Soon World Border: 30,000 blocks from spawn. Slot limit: 50 player slots | May add more if needed. Plugins: 20+ plugins. Mods banned: No mods banned. Items banned: Red Matter Missile Antimatter Missile Weather Orb Steves Watch Railgun Server Features: Economy Factions Essentials mcMMO Chest Shops Rules: All rules are on the server. Something Wrong with the server? Post below.
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