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  1. Yeah thank you I now got my first engine with this funny water thing under it I'm a fucking engineer! :D
  2. Hey Yesterday i found the Technic Platform and because of it i decided to finally buy minecraft I'm really impressed by the work you did, and do here! I played ICĀ² a lot, but sadly, it became really boring. So now i want to start getting into Tekkit, but i found myself stunned by the overwhelming mass of information about all these mods. I already went through the modlist on the wiki and tried to memorize most of the mods, and what they do, but it is kind of too much for me So i wondered if there is any kind of "getting started" tutorial for Tekkit 1.1.10 ? With those kind of tutorials i always find myself to get a starting point from where i can explore everything by myself Don't understand me wrong - i don't want someone to explain me everything, i really enjoy discovering things by myself. But some kind of walkthrough through the keyconcepts of the Modpack would be nice. I also am able to search everything in the wiki, but i rather want to start playing I hope i won't get flamed for being a newbie who wants to get into an awesome Modpack. EDIT: There's a list of several getting started mods here: http://wiki.feed-the-beast.com/Getting_Started_%28Main%29
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