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  1. Im not sure if this is the right place to post this of not but here it goes. I used the open source techniclauncher, i installed solder on my webhost i changed the solder api in the launchercore to mine so it now displays only my modpacks on my solder so now my launcher looks like this. now i noticed in the platform part of launchercore this here: public class PlatformConstants { public static final String PLATFORM = "http://www.technicpack.net/"; public static final String API = PLATFORM + "api/"; public static final String MODPACK = API + "modpack/"; public st
  2. ~Quantum Servers TEKKIT~ A Minecraft server hosted professionally and staffed right the first time, Pregened worlds Live map No Lagg 1 Gbps Port DDoS protection (go ahead and hit us script kiddies) ~Server IP~ WEBSITE www.quantumservers.ca ~Server Rules~ Use common sense. No intentional lagging/crashing the server. No hacking/glitching/duping/exploiting. ~Mods Removed~ Chicken Chunks (Use the dimensional anchor to keep chunks loaded instead.) ~Banned Items~ None ~Other Info~ Hard Difficulty No whitelist 64 player slots Unlimited Mystcraft and Dimensional Do
  3. Why the fu*k are you allowed to edit my sh*t Jay, abusing your powers, your such a b*tch that should not be allowed
  4. Welcome to Davids Reliable Dongmonglers You can purchase your Dedicated servers off me for cheaper then retail you get it within 5 minutes of purchase ofcourse customer satisfaction is 100% You can email me at [email protected] or PM me for details for (definitely not nude) skype if your are interested. Please note all these Dedicated servers are 100% yours to do what ever you do with, you have control over every dong, even the web panel where you can select your linux operating system about 20 of them. for an adistional $15 a month you can have a windows OS which yo
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