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  1. Thanks for the input. I personally like it because it is pixelated and that I have never played Terraria, I just know about Terraria.
  2. Oh by the way, my pofile picture is of a Starbound red panda.
  3. This thread is for anyone to talk about Starbound, a Terraria-like space adventure game. If you have not heard of Starbound, it is on Steam for $15. Check out the website: Yours Truely, Skipson, the Red Panda
  4. NO! (Red Panda says so..)

  5. her :DDDDDD all the mouths
  6. I have been in love with tekkit but wanted to make it look how I would like it to look. Anyone know how to create a Texture Pack for Tekkit or Tekkit Classic?
  7. Hey... just created account after seeing you pics... Just wondering...can you draw my avatar image? I "heart" you drawings! They are AWESOME!!!!!
  8. Adventure......Pixelated!