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  1. Hello, I am AZt3c_WaRrioR, I am one of the users for your server, I was going to ask you if i was allowd access to the nether, I need to get some Glowstone. P.S., Greate server.

  2. [REVIEW] Love it! the spawn looks so cool! Its really fun to play on and interact with the owners! the owner (zaldara) is the best!
  3. I.P: Its open now! 24/7 banned items: no current banned items version: latest version of voltz Rules: 1. no racism 2. respect other players and staff 3. we are a war server so PvP and greifing is to be accepted 3.1: PvP and greifing will not be allowed during the beta. 4. server buildings and public areas are not to be greifed 5. no PvP in spawn or the marketplace 6. Have fun!!! 7. the breaking of any of these rules will result in ban or kick. So come on and join the ZaldaraCraft force!!