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  1. IGN: ShadowDrayza Age: 17 Random Fact About You: I like anime and manga Why Do You Want To Join: I am interested in this modpack. It has quite a lot of good mods like Thaumcraft and Ars Magica! What Other Games Do You Enjoy: I play Skyrim, God of War, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, and all kinds of other games. What Experience in Minecraft Mods Do You Have: I have played so many other modpacks for 2 years now. I played all the modpacks on the TechnicLaunher, Tekkit, Hexxit, Big Dig, also a lot of custom modpacks, Pixelmon, etc. Any Comments/Questions About the Server or Anything: Do you take suggestions, mod requests? Also what kinds of plugins does this server have? I hope this server grows to become what you want it to be as well as an ever growing community!
  2. IGN: brian36 Age: 16 Are you new to Modded Minecraft? Nope, been playing with mods for almost 2 years! Why should I add you? I am a nice guy who enjoys playing Minecraft with other Minecraft players! What are you good at? IC2, Thaumcraft 4, and Modular Powersuits What are you like (For example Personality)? I am friendly and awesome! Country/State: California, U.S. Have you ever been banned from a server before, and if so, why? Nope Are you a Youtuber of Modded Minecraft? Nope Have you signed up at our website as a member? Yes, ShadowDrayza is my name.