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  1. Every time I go to Nether of Twilight I get back and home base is Scrambled and Mob Tower is in middle. Is this Normal ? It where I had all my trunks full of items and loot.... I remembered that was reason I stopped playing it in the past.
  2. Currently I am using Hexxit 1.5 and tell me to Upgrade my minecraft which I do have minecraft 1.6.2 I loaded Hexxit from Exe so what do I have to do to fix it or get it to recognize it?
  3. Thanks I have had done. Do chunks respawn also to when coming out of Void?
  4. When you go into a dimensional door and fall out of the world and end up in void it it suppose to revert parts of your World back ? This is not the first time it has happened to me. After coming out of the void I come back to notice my bases(home) have been reverted. One village I was in had a Battle Tower appear in the middle of it, destroying homes and placing stone/ ores back over where I had many chest full of Items. As you see this was the first time it happened. The Fortress I took over and made my base got wiped out and looks as if a rectangle area reverted back the land before the mod loaded the fortress. And Yes I spawned in Pick axe to recover what items I had left. Lost all in my basement too.