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  1. How do i reinstall there is no thing i think we might have bought it but idk
  2. So im gettting this error when i start up spybot could anyone help? http://imgur.com/hj0ZqQi
  3. This error has been happening for about 1- 2 years on my tekkit launcher. My launcher just keeps crashing no matter what modpack i try loading. It would be highly appreciated if someone could help me becuase this is literally my last option. Thanks and i have a pic too http://imgur.com/GMRfApp The link is the error and im posting here because it gave me an error that i couldnt post on bug page
  4. Launcher Version: Operating System: 64-Bit Operating System Java Version: Java 7 update 45 (64-bit) Antivirus Program: Norton 360 Description of Problem: Well over the last three months ive been having this error and cant figure it out. I can pull up tekkit but when i click play it says Java SE Binary has stopped working Error Messages: http://imgur.com/GMRfApp Error Log: 2013/11/24 16:34:03 [iNFO] ------------------------------------------ 2013/11/24 16:34:03 [iNFO] Technic Launcher is starting.... 2013/11/24 16:34:03 [iNFO] Launcher Build: 358 2013/11/24 16:34
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