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  1. and niki send me a skype request as well to many names come up when i search you
  2. crazy_dr i dont know if you have already sent me a skype request but my username is me90526
  3. sorry my pc sucks i posted it 2 times so i edited this one :)
  4. take all your plugins off then try to connnect if its still not working then i dont know try redownloading the server
  5. thank you zdman99 please send me a skype request for i cant find you skype name
  6. ya ive looked at your time zone and when i run the server its 6:00 am in brazil
  7. hello Vicbalbo thank you. you have been accepted please send me a skype request. skype name:me90526
  8. hello just saying if you live in brazil i dont see how you will get on this server is NOT 24/7 so when it is on it will be 6:00 am for you but if thats alright your in
  9. hello Moonboy8 have tried to send you a skype request but i dont know if your billy watters of diamondboy82
  10. are you ever able to mine the block if no you could be on your spawn place where the blocks are protected try breaking them when your op if it works go to bukkit.yml find spawn-radius and change 16 to 0 if not then its just alot of lag hope this helped
  11. ok place 4 land marks click 1 then place quarry hope this helped (o and make sure you place the quarry in front of one of the landmarks
  12. if you have done these steps its a glitch l l 1- place landmarks 2- left click on land marks l l 3 place quarry on in front of one of the landmarks [q]
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