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  1. Minecraft Username:Knightmarehero69 Have you played Hexxit prior to joining us:yes, i have tons of xp plaing on many servers and single player What country do you live in:America, ohio Age:15 Do you have a microphone:yes, skype and if needed i will get TS3 Have you ever had staff positions before:yes, i was a co-owner and a moderator 3 times on other servers What would you do in the event of a spammer:warn him and if he continues kick them for 5 mins What would you do in the event of someone advertising a server:kick for 5 mins and if it continues ban How often do you play:6-7 hours if i can Tell us why you should be made a moderator: i have been i situations like other player have and i will do my best to help out any way i can.