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  1. ok when i start my technic launcher for this mod this is what i get Technic Launcher Error Report:( Please submit this report to https://github.com/TechnicPack/TechnicLauncher/issues ) Launcher Build: 358 Selected Pack: BusinessElite Stack Trace: Exception: NullPointerException Message: null Trace: net.technicpack.launchercore.install.ModpackInstaller.installOldForgeLibs(ModpackInstaller.java:97) net.technicpack.launchercore.install.ModpackInstaller.installPack(ModpackInstaller.java:62) org.spoutcraft.launcher.InstallThread.run(InstallThread.java:60) System Information: Operating System: Windows 7 Operating System Version: 6.1 Operating System Architecture: amd64 Java version: 1.7.0_09 64 bit Total Memory: 114 MB Max Memory: 1347 MB Memory Free: 53 MB CPU Cores: 2
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