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  1. The ASP I'm talking about was from Galacticraft, which is definitely in Tekkit. Both items I'm trying to use are in Tekkit, so that's why I asked. Moonquest sadly doesn't have a forum. It just has a comment section which I've already tried to use but haven't received any answers on.
  2. Technically speaking I'm playing the moonquest modpack, but since Tekkit has some of the same mods I figured it'd be safe to ask this question here. Is it possible to use Advanced Solar Panels with a Quarry? And if so, how? Some things that confused me... Conversion rates of energy. ASP's are in Kw, and the Quarry is in Mj. How do I connect them? I tried putting an ASP next to a quarry, and connected it with gold conductive pipes, but nothing happened. I could only get it to work by putting the ASP right next to the quarry, but that only produced enough energy to make the quarry run very very slowly. Not sure if the ASP just doesn't output enough power (which would be extremely lame given how expensive it is)... or if I did something wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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