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  1. The server IP is the exact same, however; i am waiting on the moderators approval for the FTB post to be approved.
  2. I am incredibly sorry for all the delayed responses, we've been considering moving to a Feed the Beast: Ultimate pack, and i think we've found out that it would be better for the over all longevity of the server. I am sorry if anyone was considering playing Tekkit any further. In light: Everyone who was currently on the server or has been waiting for an invitation will be accepted and added to the whitelist. I hope this is an acceptable change for many as many of the tekkit mods are actually in Feed the Beast, and much much more. Thanks, Clint "Vaisnt" You can find the new FTB server here
  3. Application has been accepted on trail terms. Welcome to the whitelist/server.
  4. Your application has been accepted on trail terms based on the underlined above. Welcome to the server. you have been added to the whitelist.
  5. Sorry for the long response time, your application has been accepted: Welcome to the server.
  6. Sorry, due to the holidays i was unable to access the server for most of the time. I have fixed the problem, try joining now.
  7. Due to the adult nature of our rules your application has been denied, thanks for your interest.
  8. To fix this i have to delete all of the pocket dimensions in the folder, which i cannot do right this moment. It will be done, just give it another day. (This is typically why people remove DD, that and it lags the servers occasionally) I will have to time it so it does not interfere with anyone being in them causing a cascade effect. I'm sorry this issue has affected you, it will be resolved soon.
  9. Your application has been accepted based on your BA name. Dio and Rush. Added to the whitelist.
  10. according the IGN you posted your on the whitelist i have added the correct name, i'm not sure why you might not be able to connect.
  11. Your application has been accepted under trial terms. You have been added to the whitelist, and welcome!
  12. Hello and thanks for considering our sever. First off there are 0 banned mods or items. I however do ask that you use chunk loaders sparingly as they can bog down a server. If it ever becomes a problem we will reconsider thos stance. Second im currently on my phone and wont be able to add you to the white list until later. Its currently 3 am and am not able to acess my pc. Third I will add you as soon as I have time today which, unfortunately might be when you normally sleep. I apologize sincerely for the inconvenience. Forth if you have any friends from your time zone please message me and ill do what I can to to include them so your not alone. Thanks for considering us. And welcome to the server, Vaisnt
  13. Sorry, we can only accept nuclear engineers at the moment, i will let you know when your application for smiths worker has through our HR department. Please standby... . . Application accepted. added the white list.
  14. Wow, I really enjoyed these pictures and welcome to the server, i've added your name to the white list.
  15. Hi, application has been accepted on a trial term basis! Please enjoy your name has been added to the white list
  16. I'm incredibly sorry about that, that's my fault 1000%, i will get that fixed immediately
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