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  1. I created a new server which was great until it was slow and never started up there was no changes at all. I then deleted the server but there was a few files left which I for somereason cant delete so I then make a new server which now is worse clicking on Lauch.Bat asks for any key to be pressed then closes. Tekkit.Jar never even opens I need a Quick Fix as many use this server any info you need will be provided. My computer is Great-High end with an Intel I5 and 8GBs ram so I think its good hardware wise. My connection speeds are moderate and only sometimes go down.
  2. Speaking of paying people back when the game starts back up can i please "Borrow" A chest of Mobius Fuel 12 Diamond Blocks Red Matter Armor Nanosuit Armor Nano Saber Klien Star Omega 5 stacks of Iron Ingots Around 2 Mfsus New Marble Brick Mansion 20 Chests 6 Iron Chests Energy Condenser Stack of Redmatter Alloy Furnace 3 Qurrys 12 Urainum Evertide and Volcanite Ameulets Red Matter PickAxe 12 Hv Solar Arrays Body Stone 2 Diamond Chests CPU (RedPower2) Computer (CC) 12 stacks of Diamonds Nether Portal Macerater Charging Bench 29 PhilioPhers Stones 5 stacks of UU ma
  3. I was almost correct who was madochko he did not seem much as a threat
  4. Also the usernames of the hackers were CreamyFire and Xil_Xata_Xil I think
  5. Hey Ricky I saw you recently reset and whitelisted the server. I hope you know that I had nothing at all to do with the Recent greifing of the server my username is ckcd15 consider whitelisting me if the whitelist is not coming off
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