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  1. Hello, Technic Community. I have been having a problem with my custom modpack crashing when I load my world. I started crashing randomly after getting out of the Utopia dimension from ore spawn. Now I cant get on my world for more than about 30 seconds. Please help! Thanks, saddlepiggy. Here is the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/f439AmES
  2. I've noticed a bunch of modpacks have solder enabled. I have no idea what it is, and if it is useful, then I would like to integrate it into my modpack. Also, if you know, please tell me how to add it! Thanks, saddlepiggy!
  3. Hello community, I am having trouble loading worlds in my modpack. Whenever it tries to load or create a world, just as its about to load (I think), it crashes.Heres the report: http://pastebin.com/5tcXziW1 Thanks, saddlepiggy!
  4. Hi, I have just recently made a Hexxit server, and whenever I go to start the server, about 30 percent into loading the spawn, it comes up with this: [sERVERE] Wrong location! EntitySquid['Squid and thats all I can see because it spams it so constantly that I can't scroll to the right. Then it doesn't finish loading the spawn (as far as I know). Please help, me and my friends want to get on, but it won't let us! Thanks in advance, bye.
  5. Hey everyone, when i go to open up a modpack, it loads, closes technic launcher like its opening minecraft, and then after about 2-4 seconds, it pulls up the launcher again and doesnt open the modpack. This happened with Attack of the B-Team and a custom Super Modded Survival pack. Please help! Thanks!
  6. I go on, then after some period it disconnects me and says 'end of stream'. I tried putting something in the ip spot of the properties file, and changed the ip on what to connect to on my mc. it still doesn't work. I created the server. it usaly take about 1 second to a minute 1/2. Help please?
  7. oops, didnt see your post, munaus. but i still cant get to 2 gigs
  8. I figured it out about the RAM, or at least i hope i did. But i can only go up to 1 gig, sooo, im gonna ask Game Stop, but please reply on here too, if you know how, soooo thanks.
  9. Also, how do you make more RAM space, im gonna try and figure that out, but still please someone tell me
  10. Hi, I'm new, sooo, my problem is that whenerver I go onto a world or when I created it, when I was about to spawn in, my game said "Minecraft has run out of memory" and a bunch of other stuff like they tried to clear up enough space for me to keep playing, but of course when i go back on the world, it does the same thing. Please help.
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