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  1. Username: mutedcurmudgeon Age: 16 Why Tekkitopia? I'm tired of joining these open (not whitelist servers) and having little kids bug me to give them items and such. I also would like to join a friendly server where I could have fun, build some cool stuff, and maybe even make some friends. Your secret code: 15mut
  2. Name:Jay Minecraft Username:mutedcurmudgeon Age:15 Preffered Tekkit Mod:redpower or EE3 Are you banned in any server(Y/N):N
  3. IGN Name: mutedcurmudgeon IRL Name: Jay Age: 15 Do you wish to join Anyon (starting town): sure Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? yes what is the purpose of a macerator? To double the output of ores and to make things such as coal dust for carbon fiber solar panels and such. Recommendations(if you been invited): None Others things i should know: I am (if you think I'm young) very mature for my age, and I loveto make friends on the servers I play on.
  4. Thanks zbayne for creating/sharing your server can you please op me and we can start asap. :)
  5. sorry for anyone that has replied. due to my old router i will not be able to make the server til at least July. If anyone is willing to start a server and admin me it will also be greatly appreciated. :)
  6. Recently I came up with the idea to make a map that has a city completely underground(ie city of ember). And what the basic idea is is to dig a hole through a mountain and down to bedrock then nuke it then put smooth stone over the bedrock and create a city. I will need some asthetic builders (10?) that can build nice looking 2-3 story buildings, and some Railcraft people. If you want to help please respond with this form and I'll give you the IP. age: expirience/skills in tekkit: ign: irl: why you think this is cool: skype name: mic?:
  7. have ust tekkit before?: yes age:14 IGN:mutedcurmudgeon IRL:Jay skype name:jaym972 mic:yes technic 6 experience: I have used tekkit for a couple months now and I am good with railcraft, buildcraft and industrialcraft. I'm okay at asthetic building.
  8. IRN name: Jay IGN name: mutedcurmudgeon Skype name: jaym972 Good at: railcraft, buildcraft, some rp2. name suggestion: the great wall
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