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  1. After installing and testing several modpacks without finding what I'm looking for, I'll just ask here. I'm looking for a modpack that includes these mods: BuildCraft, ProjectE (or some means to make huge amounts of dirt/cobblestone into something useful), any minimap mod, NEI, Treecapitator, and WAILA. It needs to be running on a non-ancient version of MC (so the "open to LAN" option is available) and last but not least: Not a compilation of every mod under the sun. I'd play Tekkit Legends but it has too many mods for my taste, I quickly ended up with a chestfull of ores I didn't/couldn't
  2. Hello. I've returned to Tekkit, but after less than a week of playing, while in-game, I've been greeted by this problem: No EU is generated (at solar panels, for instance), nor transferred across cables (from a previously charged batbox to a machine, like a macerator). Only directly placing items within generators/batboxes (RE-batteries, for example) allows for transferring energy. Measuring cables, and even solar panels during daytime results on 0 EU/t. Naturally, I've restarted Minecraft (Technic Launcher included) several times since, to no avail. This video demonstrates the issue:
  3. Ah yes, I did not mention it but I did try placing both a chest connected with a pipe and a chest directly next to the Quarry, but blocks didn't show up. I will try using that quarry again, hopefully it was a one-time weird bug of sorts. Edit: Aaaaaaaaaand I've made a fool of myself. Upon closer inspection of http://wiki.technicpack.net/Quarry , it appears I've managed to miss the bit that says "When the Quarry is powered for the first time, it will spawn a small robot that appears to float around. This robot will destroy all blocks within the designated area up to five blocks above it (thi
  4. Not directly related to the 'bug' reported here, but to >>industrial craft not working It was also a big shock for me when I found out they changed that. This wiki article helped heaps though http://wiki.technicpack.net/IC2RP2ReplacementGuide
  5. Go to Control Panel\Programs and Features (might differ in Windows 8. Dang it M$ why you must change the names on the UI on each version?) and look for Java. Ideally, it should show up as 'Java 7 Update 45'. If it says Java 6, or the update version is lower than 45, download the latest version from the Java website (that's important) and install it, uninstalling your current version before. If after updating Java the problem persists, try making a backup of your saved world(s), and reinstalling the Technic Pack (re-download TechnicLauncher.exe if needed). At least there's a very speci
  6. Ah, frick. Double posted by accident.
  7. Saw your other post. Do you know what kind of graphics card do you have? Since you can't find the Catalyst Control Center I'll discard AMD. If it's Nvidia, you're looking for 'NVIDIA Control Panel', if Intel, it should be 'Graphics Properties...'. Both come up on the context menu when right clicking a free area on Desktop. Once on your graphics processor's control panel, it's just a matter of finding and removing the javaw.exe profile, or configuring said profile so it doesn't mess up Minecraft gameplay. Hopefully.
  8. Title: BuildCraft Filler and Quarry deleting blocks Version: 1_0_3 OS: Windows 7 Professional x64 Java Version: Java 7 Update 45 x64 Description of Problem: I Know, I know, it's two different machines. But since they're from the same mod, I *think* it's connected. I wanted fast automated digging, so I went for the Filler first, which ironically can be used to clear up large amounts of blocks if the blocks are /above/ the area to be filled (by using the Flatten pattern). To my disappointment, blocks were downright deleted about 50% of the time, which made it unfit for excavating as ma
  9. Title: Large expanses of land unloading at random Version: 1_0_3 OS: Windows 7 Professional x64 Java Version: Java 7 Update 45 x64 Description of Problem: I remember this bug occurring all the way from previous versions of Tekkit (several months ago), finally had enough of it. At seemingly random, a rather big strip of land simply disappears. Reloading the world restores things to normal, with no blocks or information lost (even had my base engulfed by this once. reloaded world, and everything was there). Screenshots below: http://imageshack.us/a/img607/4240/a3pq.jpg I placed a di
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