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  1. i don't mean to be an nuisance, but any update yet on when the pocket dimension bug will be fixed and ill be able to rejoin the server?
  2. so, i was playing earlier. i was inside of a pocket dimension and timed out. now, whenever i try to log in, it says unable to connect, internal server error. could i please ask for a fix? thank you.
  3. i am not sure if its a capitalization error or anything, but i just tried to log in, and it says i am not white listed. sorry bout the confusion, there's no caps in my name. thanks for adding me tho.
  4. Age: 18 In game name: Kratosian Location in USA: Utah Reason why you want to join: im pretty new to tekkit and want a good community where i can learn how to build awesome things. A little about your self: full time student, part time job at smiths (if that matters) been playing minecraft since before official release. just recently getting into mods. played a little of hexxic and yog box. new to tekkit Previous Servers: i briefly played on one called fatfreesmp but i havent really played on mainstream servers. i mainly play on a vanilla server hosted by my friend from church. An Image of Previous Works: i dont have any pics of previous builds, but i once built a kick-a hour glass, wasnt too spectacular tho. Thanks for considering me -Kratosian
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