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  1. i know there is an edit button thankyou im a bit new to this doe. and its all my modpacks not just the new one. woul dthe new one coming out effect all my modpacks???
  2. im sorry the build is 393 my bad im sorry the build is 393 my bad
  3. Launcher Version: i assume 383 Operating System: windows vista Java Version: latest Antivirus Program: avast Description of Problem: i run the launcher fine it opens fine but the modpacks wont load. they download fine when i have redownloaded them due to deleting and redownloading my launcher. but when i click play it just sits there saying processing version. except for crafting dead which doesnt even download. Error Messages: Error Log:
  4. So right now i play mainly hexxit and i am loving it but i would like to play h/m but i dont know what i should be doing will someone please tell me the point if hack slash mine
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