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  1. Hello I am DrREDST0NE, Head Admin of Apoc-BigDig-1.3.13 server ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IP: Mc.ApocGaming.org:2052 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Website: ApocGaming.org ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Teamspeak3: Ts.ApocGaming.org ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We Have a 32-gig Ram dedicated to the server, Only a few Banned items, Factions, protections, economy, shops, and great players. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A few plugins Specifically made for our server that no other server has! LIKE: Apoc-Drops! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our community is large! filled with Factions and teams! Some Really love to decorate! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our Spawn is Hand crafted and protected. Featuring a medieval castle! With a community of shops! And if they are not for you, you can buy your own plot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We are a fun open server, and always welcoming new members! If you are good at Computercraft come visit me IG because I could use your help! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DrREDST0NE out!
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