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  1. Name:Ryan Minecraft username: VoodooMgMc Age:19 My long Term Minecraft project: My long term project would probably have to be to build a place where people could come to trade but does not look like a big blob of random stuff. and to help people when and where they need it and maybe make free power for the server latter on in the game. Why do I want to play on this server:well I just about said why in the last thing but to sum it up i would like to help people on the server. Oh and one more thing i was the head mod for The Fantasy Craft so i know how to do a lot of stuff on servers so if you need help just ask.
  2. Name:Voodoo Minecraft Username: VoodooMgMc Age:19 Preffered Tekkit Mod: RedPower (I love frames) but i know how to use every mod in tekkit lite. Are you banned in any server(Y/N):No I am not and was never banned from a server. Extra:I was the head mod for The Fantasy Craft server.And i love to help people if they do not know how to do something.I almost literally run to help someone.
  3. ok i know the owner of this server and yes sometimes the server is not the best out there but he likes having a server up and meeting new people all the time but he cant pay for the best server out there for about 3 mounts we were trying to keep the server up just on donations i would like to see you do that for much longer.
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