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  1. Minecraft Username: Man_Of_Metal Have you played Hexxit prior to joining us: Oh yes! I've been playing ever since Hexxit came out! What country do you live in: U.S.A Age: 17 Do you have a microphone: No. Have you ever had staff positions before: No, but I know how it works. What would you do in the event of a spammer: Warn him. I will punish him if he continues. What would you do in the event of someone advertising a server: Warn him. I will also punish him if he continues. How often do you play: Every day! Tell us why you should be made a moderator: I am very responsible, and can make it easier to play without fear of spammers, advertisers, griefers, killers, etc, etc. I can help out new players and veterans alike. I am also good at playing with players without acting more in power just because i'm a moderator. i don't care how old the players are, to me they're all players.